Expanding to your higher self

 identify and clear your subconscious blocks

When we trust that we are the ocean, we are not afraid of the waves.
— Buddhist monk, Sayadaw U. Pandita

It is during those quiet and alone moments we find ourselves questioning our life and our direction.  It is in these moments, our higher selves begin to whisper to us, nudging us to light the torch that will guide us to our true path.

When you feel something is causing your life to be "stuck," whether it be relationships, money, career or health, there is a certain belief or energy associated with it that holds us back.  Your intuition may be posing the question to you or you may not even know how to frame the question but you know the answer is out there for you.  

Once you start identifying the source of energy or limiting belief that is causing the frustration in your life, you will begin to notice its presence and will be able to release its hold over you.  Our sessions will include time discovering and unearthing those "blocks" and disbeliefs.  We will clear them with different methods such as meditations and energy clearings that is causing the "dis-ease."

The impact of clearing these beliefs and energy is immediate and can provide lasting relief.  My clients have reported feeling lighter and experience a new way of thinking and a more receptive way of living from our sessions.   

What you think you know of your life is the tip of the iceberg.  Your soul will provide the rest of the details.  Allow your soul to guide you to your purpose and higher self.